How to Tint a Car Window Yourself to Save You Money

How to Tint a Car Window Yourself to Save You Money

DIY Tint

Tinting car window nowadays is a popular trend as it helps your car keep cooler during summer and protect your car interior. Moreover, it will add value to your car. But why should you spend around $500 for the labor when you can do the car-window tinting yourself? A DIY car window tint helps you to keep your money in your own pocket.

What Do You Need For Tinting

Lets say you are looking for car window tinting Miami, you need to find out the places where window-tint films are available. The mandatory things that you need for tinting your car window are listed below-


  1. window-tint film
  2. a window-tint-film application solution
  3. a lint-free cleaning cloth
  4. a scraper blade
  5. a razor knife
  6. a heat gun
  7. an application squeegee

Moreover, you need a dust-free place (like enclosed garage) to perform the entire task of window tinting. Try not to do tinting when it is too hot or too cold or on a day with excessive humidity. Most importantly, before tinting your windows you must be acquainted with the state law to know which window tinting is legalized and how much dark you can make it.

Preparation of Car Window Tinting

Here are the steps you need to follow for prepare before window tinting-

At first, apply the window-tint-film application solution inside the door in the prefect quantity.

From the top, run scraper blade over the window horizontally from side to side to remove all dust, debris and grime. Don’t gouge your car glass with that blade.

Then run over the squeegee on the window from one side to another side to remove the leftover solution and debris.


Techniques of Car Window Tinting

Apply the allocation solutions over the car window and roll the window-tint film with a protective film layer upward. The solution helps the film to hold on the place when you trim it to the size.

In order to be sure, run the squeegee on the tint. Slide the window tinting film about half an inch before you cut the window bottom using the gasket as the template. Thus you will get the coverage over the window base.

In case of non-sliding window, cut the film to the window edges. Then spray the application solution inside the window.

For fixing the film at the corner of your car window, use a clear tape and peel those protective liners from the film. After spraying the adhesive surface with application solution, you need to discard that protective liners and remove film from outside of your window. Then place it in the same process inside of the window.

Use a squeegee for pressing the film perfectly on the glass, to position the film properly, you need to roll up the window.

Cost of Car Window Tint

When I consider the cost of auto window tinting near me, a DIY window-tinting project is worthy to be considered. Depending on the performance and material of tint, it may cost $50-$600. If you want to hire any profession for window tinting, he may cost $25 to $50 per window.



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